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This year's beautiful Council is over for this year, but you can still access the incredible wisdom and guidance from Donna Eden, Lynne McTaggart & 12 more experts!

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These incredible pioneers of healing and feminine empowerment shared their wisdom throughout your Women's Wellness Council...

Donna Eden Energy Medicine pioneer and author of Energy Medicine for Women

Lynne McTaggart Author of The Power of Eight and What Doctors Don't Tell You

~ The Power of Working with your Body's Energies for Healing and Vitality ~

Donna will be sharing deep insights into:

  • how Energy Medicine helps to empower our healing journey
  • how to calm the system when doing deeper work
  • simple practices for healing and vitality

~ The Power of Eight: The Miracle of Healing in Community ~

Join Lynne for an inspiring conversation about:

  • how an accidental discovery opened up the possibilities of healing in community
  • how we can heal and find vitality using simple intention techniques
  • incredible stories of recovery and abundance

Myriam Llano Creator of Divine Renewal and renowned nutritionist

Lili Bakhtiari Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

~ Nourishing the Sacred Feminine ~

Myriam shares her expertise on:

  • respecting the body as an ally in healing
  • developing a healthy relationship with nourishment
  • connecting to the Sacred Feminine for joy and recovery 

~ The power of Tapping: From Fibromyalgia to Thriving EFT Practice ~

Lili talks from deep experience on:

  • the connection between emotions and illness
  • how do we listen to the messages from pain and the role of compassion in healing
  • using EFT as a tool to heal

Gogo Ekhaya Esima Peer Recovery Specialist, trauma surviver and spiritual coach

Sara Avant Stover Author of The Way of the Happy Woman and pioneering yoga and feminine awakening teacher 

~ Illness as a Spiritual Initiation ~

Join us to explore insights with Gogo on:

  • the shamanic perspective on illness and healing
  • the inner work required to reach our potential
  • the power of healing in an awakening community

~ Coming Home to Yourself ~

Sara joins us for a deep conversaton on:

  • how to become your own healer and awaken your innate feminine power
  • following nature’s cycles for more ease, flow and joy
  • how to transform darkness into light through awakening our raw vitality 

Frances Goodall Author of You Can Heal Chronic Illness & co-founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle 

Sophie Jane Mortimer Co-founder of The Women’s Wellness Circle & Embodied Feminine Leadership Pioneer

~ Moving Through Illness to Power, Passion and Purpose ~

Our co-founder Frances shares her knowledge on:

  • common obstacles to recovering health and personal power
  • claiming our power, passion and purpose as an opening to healing and vitality
  • powerful steps in the journey to recovery

~ From Illness to Sustainable Work-Life Balance ~

Sophie dives deeply and lovingly into:

  • how cyclical living and nature wisdom can help you heal  
  • the 'healing hormone' Oxytocin and how you can harness it in your day to day life
  • how to follow your life purpose in a sustainable way that promotes healing, not burn out  

Jen Evans Co-director of The Women's Wellness Circle and EFT - Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner 

Julia Samuel Author of Grief Works, celebrated psychotherapist and grief expert 

 ~ Magical Thinking: Connecting to Your Innate Healing Power ~

Join our very own Jen who shares on:

  • connecting to our innate ability to heal 
  • how our belief system can limit our recovery and vitality
  • the importance of connecting to our true, authentic self in healing 

~ Working with grief on a path to recovery ~

Join Julia for a conversation on:

  • the relationship between our emotions and our health
  • working with grief on a path to health recovery
  • the power of community in healing grief 

Penny Croal Expert Health Coach, Meta Health & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer

Fiona Agombar Author of Endless Energy: Over 50 Ways to Fight Fatigue, and Beat Fatigue with Yoga.  

~ Choosing Health ~

Penny shares her experience and insights on:

  • a Meta Health view on illness
  • the power we have to choose health
  • using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to tap into our innate power to heal

~ Releasing Suffering, Embracing Wellness ~

Fiona shares her incredible wisdom on:

  • the deep insights gathered on the healing journey
  • accepting the wake up call to our freedom from suffering
  • the importance of a community focused on wellness to support our healing

Fenna van de Vijver Gupta Program Coach and trainer, and body-orientated psychotherapist

Moon Teitel Founder of Presence Heals, The Women's Wellness Circle coach, healing guide and EFT Practitioner

~ Befriending Illness as an Opening to Freedom ~

Fenna shares her wisdom and experience on:

  • going into our history to get to the core of our issues 
  • creating safety to deal with difficult emotions and symptoms
  • transforming the blocks to our freedom 

~ Traversing the Darkness ~

Moon delves into insights on:

  • healing your health challenges by traversing difficult emotions 
  • how illness can be a journey through the dark night of the soul into awakening  
  • how community supports your healing journey  

Create the Healing You Want

"Being exposed to many different wise women through the Council has brought me to many different healing tools and ideas. And I feel that I have internalised many of the empowering ideas about what it means to be a healthy woman who is in touch with her body and nature and am learning more and more how to be courageous, authentic and in touch with all parts of myself." Abi Levitt, Council attendee

"I love the interviews - what amazing women! Thank you both so much. I'm so grateful." Ria, Council attendee  

About Your Hosts

The Women's Wellness Circle Directors

Frances and Jen are the directors of The Women's Wellness Circle, where they offer a uniquely feminine approach to healing chronic health challenges.  

They have over a decade of experience of supporting women with chronic illness back to full health.  

They have personally experienced their own recovery from chronic illness and they are passionate about creating supportive circles of sisterhood to share the tools and practices that were instrumental for their healing.