Heal Chronic Illness ~ The Feminine Way 

Are you a woman with CFS, ME, FMS, MCS, an auto-immune illness, migraines or another chronic physical health condition? 

Do you find yourself feeling: 

  • Alone with your symptoms  
  • Sadness and despair about your condition  
  • Hopeless  
  • Afraid of being ill forever  

Do you long for a supportive container to go deep into your personal healing?  

Would you like support and guidance with a community that get your journey?  

How about dropping your daily responsibilities for an immersive few days in nature?  

Join us this November for a five-day women’s retreat in nature… Heal Chronic Illness ~ The Feminine Way 22nd-26th November 2017 Nab Cottage, Ambleside, The Lake District

We believe you can be free of chronic illness, and while it is here, it is a teacher, ultimately guiding you to a place of deeper authenticity, love and freedom.  

During this retreat we will help you get in touch with and release the core issues beneath your physical symptoms.

This retreat is specifically geared to help you to connect to that fact that: 

~ You are stronger than any past trauma you’ve experienced. ~ It’s ok to express your feelings and needs authentically. ~ You are worthy of love, happiness and rest. ~ You can finally follow your own dreams rather than other people’s.  

About the retreat:  

Sisterhood is the powerful container for this retreat. Emotional Freedom Technique, Family Constellations, Internal Family Systems Sculpting and Women’s Temple practices will support you as you navigate the steps on the journey.  

You will be supported to clear the blockages enabling you the potential for much improved physical health, and a deeper level of wholeness, happiness and freedom.

You’ll leave with:  

~A profound revitalization of body, mind and heart. ~A deep-seated sense of relaxation and trust in your body’s innate healing response. ~ New inspiration for how to manage pain to create ease and well-being. ~Tools to navigate challenging emotions like grief, anger and fear and call in more joy and fun.

On the banks of the water, in a beautiful retreat cottage in the Lake District (with a hot tub and sauna) we’ll dive deep into a sanctuary of healing.  

Our retreats offer a uniquely feminine approach for women with chronic health challenges. We have personally experienced our own recovery from chronic illness and are passionate about sharing the healing tools that were instrumental on our path.  

What past participants have said: "I felt safe, nurtured, blessed and whole- so much care, love and thought from two heart centered authentic beautiful women. Great food and loved the location too". ~ Julie  

  I've found it difficult to put into a few words the experience and benefits I felt from sharing a few days with women who 'get it'. It was a wonderful experience, which touched me deeply. Sophie and Frances led a team of helpers, that provided a very healing, supportive environment.  

If your feeling called to attend, but you’re a bit nervous, know that's normal and that as soon as you meet this bunch of people, you’re going to exhale deeply and have a sense of overwhelming relief when you meet them, feel safe, held and be really grateful that you allowed your heart to lead you to their work. ~Lynn B 

Together, as a circle of supportive sisterhood, we’ll explore:  

~Access and release deeper patterns contributing to chronic physical symptoms using Family Constellations and Internal Family Systems Sculpting sessions.  

~ Create deep soul nourishment, connection and safety with ”Women’s Temple” sessions including feminine embodiment and sharing practices.  

~Go into deeper issues beneath physical symptoms and support release with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). 

~Restorative Yoga and mindful movement to relax, unwind and nurture our bodies.  

~Guided Meditation to find our still centre within.  

"The Women's Wellness Circle is an amazing forum where women with chronic illnesses gather to share uplifting stories or give support when needed. It is one of the most inspiring forums I have been privileged to be part of and I recommend it to all my yoga students. The Women's Wellness Circle team are to be commended for the loving and compassionate way that they have birthed this and for their ability to hold the space in such a supportive yet gentle way.” ~ Fiona

I was blown away by the acceptance and compassion that flowed from every participant Joining in with women who knew how I felt was such a moving and liberating experience. I began to learn about “Self worth” and letting go of the negative patterns I’d been following all my life to gain acceptance from others. I began to learn to accept myself.  

Nabb Cottage was all I expected in comfort and cosiness. The quiet and the beautiful landscapes in the area are soothing yet invigorating but he best experiences were when a group of women who happened to be strangers very soon became Sisters, giving and receiving caring, compassion and empathy.  

I would whole heartedly recommend that giving yourself just a few days for this Retreat will change your life. ~Hilary

  Would you like to join us?  

If you feel called to be with us, as one of the twelve women who will join us on this retreat, or if you have ny questions, we invite you to contact Joanne, our Retreat Manager, either by email at joanne@womenswellnesscircle.com or call her on 07708488194.  

Places are limited to 12 so please book early.  


£695 for a shared (double or triple room), or £775 for a private room. This includes all your food and accommodation and tuition for the five-day retreat.  

£320 non-refundable deposit confirms your place:  

When you book on this retreat you'll automatically receive the bonus of access to the The Womens Wellness Council interview series including 21 interviews and 20 practices to support your healing.

The interviews are from pioneers of holistic healing and feminine awakening (worth £99) and you'll also recieve access to the intimate Facebook group to support you through them (priceless). 

Please contact us if you want a single room and there will be a surcharge of £80 which can be paid later.  

What past participants have said: 

 "From my first retreat, the whole experience for me was incredible!! I felt totally relaxed, calm, at peace and on returning home - I felt positive and alive again! I was also extremely keen to learn more about the new techniques I had participated in and include them in my life. These retreats have now become an annual event for me and I can’t wait for the next retreat so I can be immersed in that nurturing, peaceful and supportive space again." ~ Joanne

“This is a beautiful experience, a safe space and surprisingly deep, sacred and emotionally moving. I’m sure it is going to benefit my healing journey.” ~Joan  

"It has been transformational- everything I wanted and so much more. Thank you- you're wonderful and inspirational." ~Susie  

Ready to book your place or want to ask questions?  

If you feel called to be with us, as one of the twelve women who will join us on this retreat, or if you have any questions, we invite you to contact Joanne, our Retreat Manager, either by email at joanne@womenswellnesscircle.com or call her on 07708488194.

When you book on this retreat you'll automatically receive the bonus of access to the The Womens Wellness Council interview series including: 

~21 interviews and 20 guided practices with pioneers of holistic healing and feminine awakening (worth £99) 

~Access to an intimate Facebook group to support you through them (priceless)

Meet Frances and Naomi 

As two women who have walked the road to recovery from chronic health issues, we’re passionate about sharing the techniques and practices that most helped us, to support your own journey to health and wellbeing.  

Frances is an AAMET Accredited Master Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer and Advanced Practitioner, an Official Amygdala Retraining Coach at Gupta Amygdala Retraining, an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Frances has been supporting others to heal from chronic illnesses for over a decade. 

Naomi is a coach and therapist qualified to Level 3 in Internal Family Systems and currently working towards UKCP registration. Naomi works both with individuals and in groups for supporting health recovery and wellbeing. 

 If you have any questions, please contact us at info@womenswellnesscircle.com

Thank you, ~Frances and Naomi